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Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

Post by Mace on Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:16 pm

~Hi Everyone

I am happy to have you here. Please read the rules before you do anything.
No Personal Info

We want to keep everyone safe, there is no address, last name, numbers, school or any personal information giving here.

No Bullying/Trolling

Trolling= Bullying also. We want you guys to have fun and friends.

No Advertising

No advertising websites, blogs, or forums. Pleas do this only in signatures. If you have a virtual world to talk about you may but this in a topic but don't say: "JOIN THIS!"

No Swearing

We want this planet to be fun but there is no swearing this will cause you to get an infraction or a complete ban

No random topics

* No random topic that has nothing to do with the forum selections. That goes for members, mods/admins and even me

No Double Posting please!

Double posting or triple or quadtriple, ect... is not aloud.

P1: Lol
P1: Hahah

If you double posted by mistake please edit or infraction will be given.

Back-Seat Modding

Back-Seat modding means to use the rules on another member when you aren't a moderator or administrator.


P1: Dummy
P2: No bullying its against the rules. I will ban you!

Quitting Threads

This is not aloud. If you are going to quit please don't announce it to the planet. If you are leaving this forum don't say i quit, make a goodbye speech saying: I won't be coming on for a while. No I quit this forum stinks!

Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts are against the rules. If you have a brother or sister please contact admin/mods. Please do not bring your entire siblings. Minimum of brothers or sister: 1. If you have more than 2 accounts from your IP address you will be banned and the accounts you made will be deleted.

Virtual World or forum accounts

When you are hosting a topic for an account of a virtual world please give the password away on PM. There are many guests who will hack your account. Also forum passwords aren't aloud to give here.

Thank you for reading the rules and if you have anymore questions please contact the moderators and admins

Admins: Guitar, Kat Sollux Cake and Agent Bearen


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